p-nitrotoluene-o-sulfonic acid ..
       Aniline-2,5-disulfonic acid mono..
       Para Amino Azo Benzene 4 Sulfoni..
       4-aminobenzene-1,3-disulphonic a..

Chemical NameAniline-2, 5-disulfonic acid monosodium salt
Structural Formula
Chemical FormulaC6H6NO6S2Na
Molecular Weight275.23
CAS NO.: 24605-36-5
Quality Index

Item Index
(1)Appearance Pink White Powder
(2)Purity      ≥90.0% ≥95.0%
(3)Water Insolubles         ≤0.1% ≤0.1%
(4)Water        ≤5.0% ≤1.0%
(5)Inorganic       ≤5.0% ≤4.0%

Main Use:For dyes intermediates,for the manufacturing of direct resistance to question the blue RGL, reactive turquoise bluse KGL, reactive brilliant yellow and reactive orange etc.  
Package:25KG plastic woven bag

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